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Warm wax is hygienically applied with a spatula to the area with hair and is removed using paper strips. This process is done quickly and effectively to minimise discomfort. After removing the hairs a quick application of smoothing Aloe Vera Gel is applied leaving the skin silky smooth.

There are two wax options available, one for sensitive skin and the other for more deep routed areas.

These treatments are available for all genders

The option to upgrade to a more permeant hair removal method is available and highly recommend: IPL Hair removal. (for more information click the link below)

Waxing Menu

Face Area

Eyebrow Wax - £10.00 - 15 minutes
Eyebrow Wax & Tint - £18.00 - 20 minutes
Centre Brow - £9.00 - 10 minutes
Lip - £9.00 - 10 minutes
Chin - £9.00 - 10 minutes
Lip & Chin - £16 - 15 minutes
Jawline - £9.00 - 10 minutes
Side of Face or Sideburns - £9.00 - 10 minutes
Facial Cheeks - £10.00 - 10 minutes
Neck - £10.00 - 15 minutes
Full Face - £28 - 25- 30 minutes
Full Face & Neck + Eyebrows - £42 - 30 minutes
Back of Neck/Hair Line Tidy - £15.00 - 15 minutes

Torso & Leg Area

Underarm £12.50 - 15 minutes
Areola or Navel Line £9.00 - 15 minutes
Stomach £25.00 - 15-20 minutes
Chest £24.00 - 15-25 minutes
Chest & Stomach (including shoulders) £38.00 - 25-40 minutes
Full Back (Including shoulders) £26.00 - 20-30 minutes
Full Back Chest & Stomach (Including shoulders) £59.00 - 35-45 minutes
Full Arm £20.00 - 25-30 minutes
Half Leg £21.00 - 25-30 minutes
Full Leg £29.00 - 45 - 60 minutes
Small Upper Thigh Hair From £12.00 - 15 minutes
Hands/Fingers or Feet/Toes £9.00 - 5 minutes

Intimate Area

Basic Bikini Line £11.00 - 20-30 minutes
Extended Bikini Line £18.00 - 25-35 minutes
Intimate/pubic area including labia and optional anus (using hot wax) £30.00 - 35 - 45 minutes
Speedo Line £32.00 - 30 minutes

07429 595979

hair free is care free

Health Requirement’s

  • If under the age of 16 you will need a parent or legal guardian to accompany you on your first treatment only.
  • Certain health problems and medication can make our skin thin or to sensitive to be waxed with out causing manger discomfort or skin trauma.
  • Hairs must be at least 2 cm in length to achieve a successful removal. 
  • Viruses such as the flu, colds, cold sores, warts.
  • Bacterial infections such as impetigo, boils.
  • Fungal infections such as ringworm, blepharitis.
  • Open cuts or abrasions (this can be worked around depending on the placing and size).
  • Severe or open skin conditions including sunburn.
  • Use of sunbeds 24 hours prior to waxing.
  • Recent advance treatment’s like IPL or Laser.
  • Scar tissue (especially recent).
  • Moles, Skin Tags and Varicose Veins (this can be worked around)
  • Major sensitivity.
  • A nice warm welcome and a consultation form if you haven’t been with me before.
  • A friendly discussion to talk about the treatment and any health issues that I need to be aware of.
  • Extra time for you to get undressed and dressed in private if the treatment requires you to.
  • To then get you comfortably on the beauty bed, ready to start our treatment.
  • The wax to be applied and removed smoothly with regular check in’s by me to see how your sensitivity and comfortability is doing.
  • After the waxing process is done a quick application of Aloe Vera Gel will be massaged in.
  • Once we have finished we can move to reception area and discuss aftercare, payment and your follow up appointment – if you wish to re-book.  

In Preparation for waxing treatments, I suggest the following:

  • On the day of treatment, do not swim or soak in a bath.
  • Do not sunbathe or use a sun-bed 48 hours before.
  • Do not use oils or moisturisers on the areas to be treated on the day of your treatment.
  • Do not exercise vigorously.
  • Suitable clothing to be warn on the day, for example baggy trousers and tops to be warn after the treatment to allow the area to breath. To remove any jewellery that could be or get in the way. A clean but old pair of underwear should be worn for bikini waxing. (paper pants are available if needed)
  • Hairs need to be a least 2 cm in length.


Home Care

  • Have only lukewarm showers and baths, preferably not until 8 hours after the treatment.
  • Gentle exfoliation 2-3 days after the treatment.
  • Do not use highly fragranced products.
  • Refrain from applying anti-perspirant deodorant or perfumed products to the area.
  • Avoid applying make-up over the area.
  • Avoid saunas, spa pools and swimming pools.
  • Avoid sunbathing or having a sunbed treatment for 48 hours or permanent sun damage and/or hyperpigmentation can occur.
  • Do not apply fake tanning products to the area.
  • Avoid sports activities, eg, jogging aerobics, etc.
  • Avoid sweating a lot as the sweat can irritate the area and cause a rash.
  • Keep the area clean and breathable with baggy clothes.
  • Two Wax options: Honey & Sensitive. This is to provide more comfort.
  • Client’s will be given there own space to get undressed and dressed.
  • A towel is always provided which can be lead across any exposed areas. This is great for new clients or anyone looking for a bit more personal comfort during their treatment.
  • For intimate areas disposable pants and wipes are available.
  • High quality Aloe Vera Gel will be used. (also available to purchase for home use if needed)
  • The couch is a 4 motion electric motor which can be lowered to the ground for clients that struggle to hop on and off the couch and is also very comfortable to be lead on for long periods of time.
  • Exfoliating before and after a wax or shaving will help reduce ingrown hairs and even red rashes and bumps. (be gentle and know your own skin) 
  • Upgrade to IPL and you can forget about the above tip and safe yourself time! and money! in the long run.

Welcome To the Future OF A Hair FREE World

Introducing IPL the modern way to remove your hairs with little discomfort and little upkeep.

This treatment uses advance technology to target the hairs at the root (dermal papilla) to damage/destroy the hairs for a more semi-permeant or even permeant reduction.

Perfect for all clients suffering with the following: Hormone Imbalances like PCOS or Hirsutism, boils, ingrown hairs, shaving rashes, unusual hair grow/thickness in regular or irregular areas and anyone looking to have smoothly smooth skin all year round. 

This is a safe and very effective treatment to have done, for more information and prices please click the link below. 


Most frequent questions and answers

This will all depend on the individual and there pain intolerance. Some client’s find it doesn’t hurt at all where other’s find it to be uncomfortable especially in deep rooted or intimate areas.

The majority of client’s say waxing gets easier the more treatments you have done on the same area.

This can happen and is not uncommon, when waxing you remove a layer of dead skin that protects our skin and once removed dirt, sweat and other environmental stresses can get inside and course a rash.

I recommend having a cold or lukewarm shower after the treatment to clean out any trapped dirt, debris etc, make sure to use a suitable antibacterial gel. I Also advice wearing baggy clothes after a wax to allow the skin to breath underneath. Last of all, I recommend avoiding touching or scratching the area and if need to then apply Aloe Vera Gel to help cool the skin. 
A rush will normal last 30-miniutes or sometimes up to 3 days, if your rush did not disappear with in that time frame then please get in contact with me on 07428 595979.

Yes this is normal and very common, What you have found is called a ingrown hair which is trapped underneath your skin. To avoid this I recommend exfoliating the area on the day of your treatment or night before, I also recommend exfoliating the area 1-2 days after having a wax to help prevent this occurring. Be sure not to over exfoliate your skin both pre and post treatment as this can cause discomfort and skin trauma. Use a light scrub brush and gentle go over the area.

To be waxed the hair’s need to be at least 1/4 inch’s anything under that the wax will struggle to remove and anything over 1/4 inch’s will be trimmed at the appointment.

Waxing results can vary between people, the arrange is around 2-3 weeks however some clients results can last up to 6 weeks.

The main reason is the upkeep difference! IPL provides a reduction in your hair growth by years or even permanently! Wear waxing is a less semi-permanent fix which requires a upkeep around every 3 weeks.

With waxing you have to also grow your hair which can very annoying. statistics have calculated that in one year with regular waxing treatments you will be hairy for 2 months and two weeks of it! 

If that’s not enough to convince you then I’m sure the difference between the comfortability when having both treatments will. Waxing can be very uncomfortable specially in deep rooted areas but IPL is virtually pain free!

For more information on IPL please head to IPL Hair Removal page. 

This is not true and is a old mother’s tail. It is impossible for hair to be able to grow back thicker or darker from shaving the area. Shaving can only cut the hair in half from the hair that is sticking out of the skin. Underneath the skin is the same hair which will continue to grow the same way it naturally did as we have not disturbed the Dermal Papilla / Hair Bulb when shaving. The Dermal Papilla / Hair Blub is where the hair is grown from and this is why when you wax for long periods of time your hair can become much finer and thinner because your pulling the hair from the root and damaging the Dermal Papilla / Hair Build. 

Researchers believe the reason people have thought this myth to be true is because shaving will cut the hair at an angle leaving the hair to grow through the skin with a sharp edge which can lead us to believe that the hair feels bulkier or thicker. Also researchers have found that any hair spent outside of the skin would of been exposed to UV lights which can bleach our hairs, this would explain why people thought that shaving made there hair grow back darker if the hair they removed before hand was already bleached by our sun.

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