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Aging is a natural process your skin will go through, it can however be stressful and annoying and is often something we all try to avoid or delay. From around the age of 25 we will begin to see the first signs of aging including fine lines and small wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, mouth and neck. Our skin becomes thinner and heals a lot slower than in our youth. We can also experience pigmentation and display signs of sun damage.
Overall skin becomes a lot more dull due to the production of collagen and elastin slowing down. While everyone will go through the aging process, it can vary hugely from person to person based on many factors such as your genetics, lifestyle, environment and the products/treatments you have/use. Its never to early to start thinking about anti-aging and its never to late to start.


Why does our skin age?

As we age, our skin experiences a slowing of the natural processes which help maintain youthful qualities. Things such as firmness, tautness and radiance tend to deteriorate. Other visible signs of skin aging like pigmentation marks, fine lines and wrinkles, will appear as a result of slower cell renewal, turnover, activity and recovery.

The journey of our skin

As soon as we are born, our skin begins to go through a process of regular change but we don’t typically think of it as aging until it starts to show dullness, spots, fine lines, wrinkles, and a loose texture. What causes these can be complex and varies from person to person according to your genetics and your exposome (lifestyle and environment).

As early of an age as our 20s, our unhealthy lifestyle habits, environmental damage, and constant UV exposure begins compromising skins structural integrity. Our cell defence in the face starts to weaken as we are exposed to free radicals and our natural ability to fight off skin damage declines. Cell renewal and turnover rates also naturally start to slow, diminishing skin radiance.

In our 30s, the amounts of collagen (which keeps skin firm) and elastin (which keeps skin bouncing back) begin to decline, often resulting in fine lines and wrinkles. Cell renewal and turnover continues to decline leading to a duller complexion and an uneven skin tone. Some cells can even become inactive, essentially turning into ‘zombies’, giving rise to damaging, inflammatory toxins that will further accelerate the appearance of skin ageing.

By our 40s, skin appears thinner and its naturally protective barrier lipids are not as pronounced, dehydration can also become an issue. Depending on hormonal activity (not just your sex hormones such as oestrogen, progesterone and testosterone. But also stress-related hormones including adrenalin, corticosterone-releasing hormone, cortisol and adrenal androgens), unusual activity may appear in skin from uneven skin tone to adult acne. More prominent signs of aging can also appear, such as dark spots, pigmentation and significant dullness as well as more defined fine lines, wrinkles and skin sagging.

From our 50s onwards, our barrier lipid layer significantly lessens, leading to less efficient moisture retention and more potential for sensitivity and dehydration. Chronic stress and inflammation, both inside and outside the body, delays skin recovery leading to lasting marks and longer healing times. By now, skin can show prominent wrinkles, fine lines and discolouration.

What can we do about it

The secret to healthy looking skin at any age is sticking to a regular skin care routine, fitted to your individual skin type and that also fits accordingly to your lifestyle and environment. It’s also worth considering other factors such as your lifestyle and the environment your skin is in. Working through this and coming up with your perfect plan is something I can help with. 

Also, regular, professional treatments are also very important and will definitely help with your skin concerns. Although a one-off professional treatment is beneficial, It is the consistently with regular professional treatment alongside a good home skin care routine wear you will really received great results.

No one needs to know!

What to know a secret? you can achieve instantly younger skin with injectables! and I know what your thinking, aren’t Dermal Fillers dangerous and every person who has them done looks ridiculous and fake. 

This is so not true! Dermal Fillers are safe and can look completely natural, in fact many ladies have injectables and you wouldn’t even know. Its time to upgrade to instant results. 

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