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Thread veins

Facial Thread veins are small blood vessels which run though the skin. They are not actual broken but are just off shots from the deeper arteries that bring oxygen and blood to the face and occasionally the blood vessel can grow new off shots that come close to the surface of our skin, making them visible to the human eye.

They are very common and look like thin red or sometimes purple or blue lines.

They can appear in some single line or spread out in patches, they are normally present over the noise and cheeks but can be located all over the body.

Why do they appear ?

They quite often appear in our older years between 30-40 and this is because are collagen frame work brakes down and losing its support allowing the thread veins to become more visible.

People who have had overexpose and sun damage skin are more likely to have Facial Thread Veins due to the sun exposure braking down the collagen frame work.

Other people who might have a personal history with asthma or seasonal allergies or generally sensitive/irritated skin experience more thread veins due to the chronic irritation, rubbing of the skin and general inflammation.

Suffers with Rosacea will also will experience thread veins due to the skin condition.

Woman thought out there pregnancy can also develop thread veins due to the mass amount of blood formation being credited.

Our genetics also play a role in the risk of us getting Thread veins.

Also fat lose, for example becoming older we lose the fatty tissue on our face on which our thread veins hide within. So losing our fatty tissue can make our thread veins more visible.

Over use of Topical Steroid creams, ointments or sprays.

Liver disease can cause body and facial thread veins.

How to prevent Thread Veins

Applying sun-screams 30 to 50 SPF, with being topped up every two hours with outside in the day.

Understanding what brings your skin out in flushing or irritation/heat to avoid and prevent thread veins. Here is a list of some..

Drinking hot drinks

Rise in body temperature, Working Out

The wrong Facial products

To many facial products


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