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Dull Skin

Why is my skin dull ?

This is one of the most frequently ask questions and it normal relates to clients entering there early 30’s or late 40’s.

This is because of our skin ages and unfortunately as our skin ages it experiences a slowing of the natural processes which help maintain youthful qualities such as firmness, tautness and radiance.

Also, the visible sighs of skin ageing (sun spots, fine lines wrinkles, etc.) also appear as a result of our skin’s natural defence mechanisms.

So not only are we losing our naturally youthful glow but we are also more acceptable to skin damaging, leading to more sigh of ageing which overall can make our skin look dull or even tied like.

what can we do to are dry/tried looking skin ?

Evolving your skin care, upping your professional treatments, improving your health and adapting to your environment factors.

Step One: Understanding your skin and what exactly it needs.

For example, A cleanser or moisture that you’ve been using since you was 21 or even 25 will probably not be the right cleaner or product for you to use at age 30+. When our skin changes we need to also change our skin care products to adapt and fit to our new skin type or skin goals. If your unsure what products you should be using then book in for a face mapping consultation.

Step Two: Upping your professional treatments.

It’s time to start expanding your general skin care to more advance professional treatments. As talked about before our cell renewal, turnover and activity slows down dramatically what means we need to up our professional treatments and push our skin to work and produce that healthy radiant skin we all love faster.

Step Three: Being aware of your environment and lifestyle choses.

Now this step is quite often over looked when actually It’s a huge factor to how your skin is and how it’s going to be in the future.

So what do I mean when I say environment or lifestyle choices? So these are every day life choices that will make a impact on your skin!

This will include how much sleep you get a night, or how much stress your under at work or what you chose to eat at lunch or whether you smoke or drink etc and even the weather and climate around you can play a huge roll and toll on your skin.

So how can we change this?

Learning to take time for yourself, weather this an hour or even half an hour a day just to sit and relax or un wind maybe with a book you like to read or with meditation (whatever brings your peace). Choosing to eat more healthier food and exercising our body, taking all your vitamins, making sure we are getting 8 hours sleep, and quieting the bad habit’s like smoking or excessive drinking.

(All this stuff isn’t a over night process and will take time to develop) Creating a more healthier environment isn’t just going to improve your skin but also make your mind and general life healthier and happier.

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