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Skin Mapping

How well do you know your skin? Interesting enough a lot of client’s come to me with a incorrect diagnosis of their own skin. When doing this they normally indulge in products or treatments completely irrelevant to their skin type and concerns.

Why is this a problem? Well, not only will you not receive the desired benefits your expecting but you can actually worsen the condition and concerns and also increase skins sensitivity and irritation which can lead to post inflammation pigmentation and scaring.

Did you know? Our skin will change through out our life even through different seasons of the year. What you might of experienced as a teen skin will most likely of changed.

How can I tell what skin type and concerns you have? I am a highly trained Dermalogica Expert which means I’ve extended my education to learn more about skin, allowing me to easily analyse your skin and the factors around it. I can also recommend the ideal home care regime, professional treatments and lifestyle changes to ensure your on the right path to your healthiest skin.

What is skin mapping? A skin mapping consultation is a serious of questions and hands on skin analysing and coming up with a individual treatment plan moving forward.


Skin Mapping

My skin analysis will help identify your skin type, the condition of your skin and allow me the expert to prescribe you a personalised skincare regimen and/or suitable treatments if needed.
5- 20 minutes - FREE

Mirror Me

Is a one to one online vertical product class that is done at your home using a phone, laptop or a device where we can face-time. You will have your products with you ready to start our online class and together we will go though your products, how to apply them and in what order by mirroring my movements. This class was designed for people with busy lifestyles but is welcomed to anyone that will benefit more form it.
15-30 minutes - £10 - redeemable against products (T.Cs apply)

Skin Bar Class

Is a one to one hands on product class, where you would bring your Dermalogica products to the salon and I will walk you though how to apply them, in what order and show you special tips and tricks on how to push your results safely.
15- 30 minutes - £10 - redeemable against products (T.Cs apply)

07428 595979

Find out your skin's identity

With in a skin mapping consultation we will discuss and go through health reequipments and what treatment is best for your individual skin and skin goals, however here is a list of health requirement’s that needs to be taken in to account before making your appointment!
Any that state ‘can be worked around’ should be okay to carry out your skin mapping consultation but might lead to a contraindication to a recommended treatment for a certain time period. Any health requirements that you have on the list below but do not state ‘can be worked around’ are contraindications and should not book a appointments at the moment.

  • Certain health problems and medication will prevent or restrict the treatments followed by your skin mapping consultation. If you are suffering with something that isn’t on this heath requirement list including any medication then please check with your G.P before making an appointment.

  • You need to be 16 or over to have this treatment. If you are under the age of 16 you will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian for your first visit only.

  • If you are of have become pregnant or are still lactating. (this can be worked around)

  • Viruses such as the flu, colds, cold sores, warts.

  • Bacterial infections such as impetigo, boils, conjunctivitis, sties.

  • Fungal infections such as ringworm, blepharitis.

  • If you have severe eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, open wounds/cuts or abrasions. (this can be worked around)

  • If you have used sunbeds or been in direct sunlight with in the last 24 hours or you are sunburnt. (this can be worked around)

  • If you have had any facial waxing with the last 72 hours (this can be worked around)

  • If you have had chemical peels, micro-dermabrasion or any resurfacing treatments with in the last 2 weeks. (depending on the chemical peel) (this can be work around)

  • If you have been using Retain A, Renova with in the last 3 months. Or have had Isotretinoin (Accutane) or any prescription skin products with in the past 6 months. (this can be worked around)

  • If you have had a light based treatments like Laser or IPL etc.. with in the last 6 weeks. (this can be worked around)

  • If you have had Botox or other injectable procedures with in the past week. (this can be worked around)

  • The use of Retin-A or other retinol products with in the last 48 hours (this can be worked around)
  • Recent operations or scar tissue. (this can be worked around)

  • Moles, Skin Tags (this can be worked around)

  • Highley sensitized / irritated skin or compromised skin barrier. (this can be worked around)

  • If you wear contact lenses (this can be worked around)

  • Certain allergies (this can be worked around)

  • Have you ever experienced claustrophobia (this can be worked around)

  • Have a history of fainting. (this can be worked around)

Anything that can be worked around must be mentioned during the making of your appointment. If you are at all unsure of anything then please check with your G.P before making an appointment.

  • A nice warm welcome and a friendly discussion to talk about your skin, your skin goals and concerns and what treatment action is recommended when moving forward, and if there are any health issues that I need to be made aware of.
  • A clean and sanitises shop with fully sanitise hands, machinery and instruments. For me to wear a mask, apron and single use medical grade disposable gloves when needed to.
  • A relaxing atmosphere, with heaters and appropriate music.
  • To then get you comfortably on the beauty bed, ready to start our skin analysis. (this can sometimes be done sat at reception area)
  • Sometimes a quick  double cleanse is needed if I am unable to see skin concerns over make up (however this is required to be removed before you attend your appointment) 
  • A log of your skin’s activity for us to track your skin’s progress. (optional email of this information)
  • Sometimes free sample sachets to take home.(depending on your treatment plan)
  • Once we have finished we can move to reception area and discuss aftercare, recommended treatments and your follow up appointment – if you wish to re-book.
  • This will give you more knowledge of your skin, what you should be doing with it and what else can be done to help improve it.

Pre Care

  • Do not turn up to your appointment with make up on, this will make it very difficult for me to analyse your skin.
  • Please have hair tied back and out of face area. I do supple clips and headbands.
  • (If you have one) Do not avoid doing your morning skin care routine, carry on as normal.
  • (If you have one) Bring a list of everything you use or do to your face on a regular basis.

Post Care

  • I will recommend everything you need to during our consultation. (I can not list anything here until I see your skin in person)
  • Have an idea of what skin type you are and what 3 skin goals you would like to improve, this will make the consultation more effective when you also have a bit more idea/plan.
  • Take my test below and have a big more of an idea of what skin type you are.

Find out more about skin types & concerns

Press the skin type or concern for a brief description and for more information click on the link below.

Oily skin has a shiny complexion with large pores and quite often suffer with breakouts and blackheads

Dry skin is normally dull looking, flaky and can feel quite tight. They normally suffer with sensitivity and dehydration.

Combination skin is a combination of dry or oily skin trades. Most coming is dry cheeks and a oily t-zone.

Normal skin is very uncommon but displays a normal amount of oily production and isn’t dry, they have barley visible pores and a radiant complexion.

Mature skin becomes finer and more fragile and will take longer to heel. Fine lines and wrinkles will show and the skins flexibility and elasticity will start to decrease.

Young skin is firm, plump and wrinkle free. Young skin can suffer with breakouts due to new hormones being introduced to the body.

Dull skin lacks radiance and glow

Sensitive skin is prone to itching, burning or irritation to touch, product or heat and It can not tolerant a lot. (this can be linked to Rosacea)

Acne skin is suffering from whiteheads, blackheads or/and papules. This can be found on the face, neck, chest or/and back.

Sun Damaged skin will have uneven skin colour and texture to the skin. Will suffer with pigmentation and wrinkles.

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