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ear piercing

I have pierce children’s and adult’s ears since 2014.

I have dealt with all different types of children and their ages.

My environment is clean and incredibly welcoming.

I use Caflon which is the most recognised ear piercing system worldwide.

I am able to piers the first 3 holes of the ear lobe.


Ear Piercing menu

All studs are hypoallergenic however if you suffer with a nickel allergy then you must have titanium studs.
The metal options are white stainless steel, plated 24 carat gold and titanium.

plain studs

Plain studs will look either gold of sliver with no stone.
Plain - 10-25minutes - £30
Mini Plain - 10-25minutes - £33

Birthstone studs - Very Popular

Birthstone studs are either gold or sliver with a colour stone of your choice inside. Why not pick the stone that represents your birthday.
Birthstone - 10-25 minutes -
Mini Birthstone - 10-25 minutes
- £43

Fashion Studs

Fashion studs come in different shapes and styles for example stars shape studs, pearl stones studs and even mini size studs. Be stylish with your new studs.
10-25 minutes - £50

titanium studs - Recommend

Titanium studs are made from titanium to supply comfortability with ears that are super sensitive or have a nickel allergy. Titanium studs look sliver and are highly recommend for 1st time piercings.
No Stone: 10-25 minutes - £50
Sliver Stone: 10-25 minutes - £55

Important - Price

The price above is for two studs and two piercings, as the earrings are packaged together I unfortunately cannot discount the price for only having one piercing.  If you would like the second stud used on a different person (i.e. two people having one stud each) then it will be an additional £10 charge.

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Add sparkle to your ears

  • If you are under the age of 16 then you will need to be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian who will sign the permission on your behalf.
  • Children have to be over the age of 6 months.
  • If your child is under the age of 3 then please bring their red book complete and up to date with their immunisation details.
  • If you or your child has a history of fainting please inform me during the booking of your appointment. (this can be worked around)
  • If you or your child is unable to sit still during the process and/or make the treatment unsafe to carry out in any way.

  • Viruses such as the flu, colds, cold sores, warts.
  • Bacterial infections such as impetigo, boils.
  • Fungal infections such as ringworm, blepharitis.
  • Open cuts or abrasions – this can be worked around depending on the placing and size.
  • Severe or open skin conditions including sunburn.
  • Certain medication and heath problems – check with your G.P if you are unsure or if you are suffering with something that isn’t on this list including any medication.
  • A nice warm welcome and a consultation form to filled out by you or the parent or legal Guardian of the child who is under the age of 16.
  • A friendly discussion to talk about the treatment, what piercing studs you would like and any health issues that I need to be made aware of.
  • A fully sanitates ear piercing station and chairs. Fully sanitise hands and instruments using medical grade supplies and for me to wear a mask, apron and single use medical grade disposable gloves.
  • Time for you to look and decide what stud you want and get yourself or your child prepared.
  • The chance to view and change as many times as you want the placing of your earrings using a dotted pen mark.
  • The use of my specialised piercing earrings, which are pre sterilised cartridge that are loaded directly into the piercing instrument without ever being touched by me.
  • After the treatment is done a free tiara and wand or medal and ‘If requested in advance’ a Just had my ears pierced certificate will be given to any children or adult. (no age limits) Also there will be extra time to take pictures or even a video. (ask in advanced for video stand) 
  • We will then move to reception area and discuss aftercare and payment. (You will also receive a aftercare solution bottle free of charge)
  • 6 weeks later a phone call or text message will be sent to check up on yours or your child’s ears/ear and to reminded you that you will be able to change/swap your earrings from that day onwards.

In Preparation for ear piercing treatments, I suggest the following:

  • To have eaten a sugary snack like a chocolate bar at least 30 minutes before your appointment. (especially if you are known to fainting)
  • If you are taking a child please make them aware of the process and that fact it will hurt. This will make experience easier especially when coming to the second hole.  

Home Care

  • Cleanse the front and back of each ear 2 times a day with CAFLON solution and ensure hands are thoroughly wash before touching studs or ear.
  • Start to rotate studs 2 or 3 times a day with clean hands. Do not rotate studs all the way round, make sure your half turn the stud 90º left and half turn the stud 90º right – This will avoid any hair wrapping around the stud which could lead to infections.
  • Keep hair spray, soap, shampoo and other preparations away from the ear. If shampoo runs on ears then be sure to rinsed with clean water and followed by CAFLON solution.
  • The piercing area should be CLEANSED with CAFLON solution, then kept DRY, especially after bathing, swimming or exercise.

Do Not

  • Remove studs or handle your ears and/or studs unnecessarily.
  • Push the butterfly along the post towards the ear – the butterfly must always be positioned of the tip of the post. Feel the position each time you clean the ear – it must feel smooth. This ensures that the earring remains LOOSE during the healing period. This is essential as too tight may lead to inflammation.


  • Leave studs in the ears for 6 weeks continuously.
  • After 6 weeks the stud can be removed and other post-type earrings may be worn continuously.
  • Use only post-style earrings continuously for the first 6 months from piercing.
  • The post should be surgical stainless steel or other hypo-allergenic material.

Any Sighs Of

  • Minor pain/redness may occur immediately – this is normal, this will settle within 48 hours provided proper after-care is carried out. If undue pain/swelling/redness occurs at any time, phone me immediately 07428 595979 and do not remove the ear-piercing before seeking medical advice. 

All of this will be personally explained by me before starting the treatment, also you will receive a aftercare sheet including all this information to take home. 

  • Free Aftercare bottle.
  • Free tiara and wand or medal.
  • Free certificate ‘Just had my ears pierced’ (when asked in advance).
  • Free aftercare leaflet.
  • 6 week reminder/check-up.
  • Extra time to take pictures and even videos so you can remember yours or your child’s first piercing. 

Tips for bringing your child:

  • Bring something along that you can use as a distraction for example a soft toy they love? or a sweet/little chocolate? This might give them comfort and something to focus on when it comes to piercing the second ear.
  • I also see a lot of parents that have planned to do something fun after their child’s piercing and this gives the child a bit more incentive to power through for example go for a ice cream (the beach is at the end of my road) or able to watch there favourite movie that night, you know your child best and what might motivate them.


Tips for ear care:

  • The minimum time to keep your piercing in is for 6 weeks however I highly recommend keeping them in for 8 weeks, this allows a bit more time for the ear to natural heal.
  • When you do go to change your earrings I recommend cleaning the ear’s and most importantly the new earrings, this will help to avoid bacteria and infection.


Most frequent questions and answers

Getting your ears pierced is never a painless procedure however it is over in seconds.

It’s important to inform your children that it is going to hurt, preferably a few days or weeks before the appointment so that they are fully prepared. This will make the treatment easier, especially when piercing the second lobe.

Overall client’s have describe the feeling as a short sting or scratch. 

Baby’s can be pierced from 2 weeks old,  However many shops wont pierce ears until the baby is 3-6 months of age.
I personally have a strict policy of 6 months + with their up to date red book however every piercing shop will differ due to there own personal preference and what they feel comfortable with. 

No. It’s a legal requirement for the parent or legal guardian to authorised this procedure on behalf of their child that’s under the age of 16.

Yes, many client’s have come to me to have there ears re-pierced. This is normally due to leaving the stud out for long periods of time as the ear can natural heal which can close the piercing holes. (This is not uncommon and this why it’s important to leave studs in for the minimum of 6 weeks)

What happens? A quick examination of the ear will be done beforehand to ensure a safe treatment. This will not hurt more then your original piercing and the same method will be used to complete the treatment.

Yes you can however, it’s recommend for 1st time piercing or anyone who has slightly sensitive skin or hypoallergenic to certain metals to proceed with the treatment using a titanium stud. 

This mental has been proven to be safe for any client suffering from the above.

Although extremely unlikely some client’s could still be sensitive or hypoallergenic to Titanium (although I have never come across this). 
It’s important to check your ears regularly and ensure that they are not swollen, inflamed or are causing you any pain. If you are at all concerned contact me immediately 07428 595979 and do not remove the stud before seeking mental advice.

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