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  • Step One: Apply Aloe Vera Gel for 3 weeks, 3 times a day with clean hands. (be sure to apply thin layers)
  • Step Two: Apply Bio Oil for the next 3 weeks or up until your next appointment, at least 3 times a day if not more. 
  • Sun cream (minimum SPF30) on exposed treated areas during the post in. Do not apply this if the area is open or weeping. 
  • TKTX Numbing Cream – Apply this 1hr to 30mins (Read instructions) before your laser appointment to help aid the discomfort. (Optional) 
  • Avoid steam rooms, saunas, chlorine pools and intensive exercise for a minimum of one week.
  • Under no circumstances should you pick scabs or pop any blisters. This could lead to scarring.
  • Do not expose the area being treated to direct sunlight including sunbeds and tanning products for the duration of your removal treatments. Direct sunlight must be avoided 30 days before a treatment and 30 days after a treatment. (This prevents over treating the skin’s natural melanin)
  • Keep the area aired and dry. -Apply breathable dressings when working or when at risk of catching the area as fragments can get inside. (be sure to change the dressing regularly, with clean hands)
  • Feel free to still shower over the area but avoid long soaking or swimming to allow the area to scab. Avoid rubbing with towel, pad dry the area.
  • If your medication/health has changed you must tell me immediately before continuing further treatments. (including pregnancy) 
  • Put your Aloe Vera Gel in the fridge, this will give a cold but more smoothing application. -(Optional)
  • Apply a numbing cream before your appointment to help with the discomfort. Be sure to patch test this product on yourself at least 48 hours before your appointment. (TKTX – recommended) – (Optional)
  • Take painkillers like paracetamol before or after your treatment to help with the discomfort. – (Optional)
  • Start to rub the aftercare creams in with pressure for 5 minutes each time you apply, this will help with the healing of the skin. (ONLY do this when there are no signs of scabbing) usually week 3+.
  • Eat a sugary snack before you come to your appointment and stay hydrated throughout the day of your appointment. 
  • On the night after your appointment you might want to lay a old towel down on your bed to avoid any pin point bleeding leaking on to your bedsheets. 
  • Book your appointments around your lifestyle. Allow 1-2 days of downtime if possible. For big tattoos or for areas that are on show like eyebrows you might want to prebook the appointment on a Friday and allow the weekend to heal before returning to work on Monday, as an example.
  • Feel free to take your own before and after pictures.
  • Immediately After Treatment: You might experience heat, pinpoint bleeding and swelling. (This is normal)
  • Day Two: Possibly open and weeping skin and there could be signs of bruising.
  • Day Three: scabbing and possibly itchiness.
  • Day Seven to fourteen: Scabs to be lifted and possibly pink to reddish or even sliver scaly skin to be present.
  • Third to Fifth week: A reduction of your ink. 
  • Six Week: Ready for your follow up appointment. 
  • Always check for yellow discharge. This could be a sigh of infection. Do not leave it! Go straight to your G.P and they will prescribe a suitable antiseptic cream or antibiotics, depending on the severity of the infection.  
  • Severe blisters, very rare but be sure not to pop or squeeze any. If inflamed and causing discounted or look infected then go straight to your G.P and they will prescribe the right medication.  
  • If your ever experience unusual side effects then contact me or your G.P. 
  • If your ever unsure about anything then always contact me straight away. (07428 595979)
  • Tattoo ink particles are too large for the body’s immune system to remove naturally because when a tattoo is injected into the lower layers of the skin (dermis) it becomes locked away by a wall of collagen fibres. Q-switched lasers produce very short bursts of high energy laser light. The light is absorbed by the large ink particles, generating heat that shatters the tattoo pigment into minute particles which the body is then able to remove. Because the tattoo ink selectively absorbs the laser energy, the surrounding skin doesn’t overheat and there is no lasting damage.
  • Treatments have to be a minimum of 6 weeks from last appointment. This will allow the skin to fully heal before re-treating.  
  • Results will vary from individual depending on a number of factors for example the colour of inks used, the placement of ink, the health of the individual and more..
  • I can not speed up the treatment. the results will come as fast at your body will allow it to. 

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