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B12 Injections

Give your body a natural energy boost with a Vitamin B12 injection proven to strengthen your immune system and provide your body with a heathy boost. Whether you are looking to enhance your athletic performance, supplement your diet or manage your B12 deficiency, this vitamin injection can help. 

The Hydroxocobalamin Injection (B12) can significantly improve low energy levels, and is particularly suitable for older individuals with B vitamin deficiency. It is also helpful in maintaining healthy hair, skin, and nails, as B vitamin plays a role in the regeneration of cells in the body. Hydroxocobalamin may also reduce skin redness, dryness, breakouts, follicular weakness, and hair fallout. It also helps to produce red blood cells and can prevent the onset of illness.

Where vitamin B12 is not easily absorbed and is only found naturally in certain types of food, it can prove difficult to increase levels sufficiently through diet and supplements alone – which is why people look for alternative methods.

Vitamin B12 can improve your mental health. Research shows that this essential nutrient helps synthesize and metabolize the feel-good chemicals serotonin and dopamine. When your body’s running low on B12, your serotonin and dopamine may also drop.

Dive in and give your body the best natural energy boost.

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You will need to a receive a consultation on the day of your first B12 injection. This is a quick 5 minute health form just to check you are suitable, after this I will discuss the benefits and any pre and post aftercare guidance required, I will also give you time to ask me as many questions as you like. Once this is done we can processed with your B12 injection.
15 minutes - £30 (If you are medical unfit to continue with treatment then you will receive 50% of your consultation fee back)

B12 Injection

Single injection of B12. (Must of had a consultation frist)
5 - 10 minutes - £30

B12 Injection course

A course of 4 injections bought together. Discounting one B12 by 50%.
5 - 10 minutes each appointment - £105

B12 injections work quickly, they are the most effective way for your body to absorb Vitamin B12. Within 48 to 72 hours, your body will begin to make new red blood cells. For mild deficiencies, you may need two to four injections to notice peak impact.

For first time client’s I  recommend having one injection every week for four weeks, this will bring your B12 levels up to the right amount, after this you will need to maintain B12 levels with top up injections spaced every 3 – 8 weeks depending on the individual.

B12 Injections are intramuscular which means the vitamin needs to be injected to the muscle for the body to fully absorb it. 5mgs of Hydroxocobalamin are administered per IV/IM injection.

Patch Testing Requirement’s

  • Do not require a patch test, just a medical consultation. 

Health Requirement’s

– Certain health problems and medication will prevent or restrict the treatment. If you are suffering with something that isn’t on this heath requirement list including any medication then please check with your G.P before making an appointment.

  • You need to be 18 or over to have this treatment.

  • sensitivity to vitamin B12.
  • Leber’s disease, which affects the optic nerve.
  • kidney problems.
  • hypokalemia, or low potassium levels.
  • deficiencies in other nutrients, particularly folic acid and iron.
  • Cancer – after 12 months (will need a doctors note)

  • Viruses such as the flu or colds.

  • Bacterial infections such as impetigo, boils.

  • Fungal infections such as ringworm, blepharitis.

  • If you have severe eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, open wounds/cuts or abrasions. (Some of these are able to be worked around)

  • If you have used sunbeds 24 hours post or you are sunburnt.
  • If you have had any waxing on the area with in 1 week of your appointment.

  • If you have been using Retain A, Renova with in the last 3 months. Or Have had isotretinoin (Accutane) or any prescription skin products with in the past 6 months.

  • Recent operations or scar tissue. (can be worked around)

  • Highley sensitized/ irritated skin or compromised skin barriers.
  • Certain allergies (this can be worked around)

  • Have a history of fainting. (this can be worked around)

Anything that can be worked around must be mentioned during the making of your appointment. If you are at all unsure of anything then please check with your G.P before making an appointment.

Pre Care

  • No tanning beds or sun exposure for 24 hours prior to treatment.
  • Avoid treatments that may irritate the skin for 1-2 weeks prior to treatment (waxing, depilatories, etc.)

  • Eat a sugary snack 30 minutes before and be sure to have drunken plenty of water. 
  • Wear appropriate clothing e.g a strappy top or baggy t-shirt wear I can access your upper outer arm below the shoulder.
  • Notify me if you have any changes to your health history or medications since your last appointment.

After Care – broken up in to sections

Application of aftercare

Things to Avoid 

  • Avoid steam rooms, saunas, chlorine pools and intensive exercise for 48 hours.
  • Avoid touching the injection site for 6 hours after your treatment.
  • Avoid any blood thinning medication.

  • If you change medication/health you must immediately tell me before continuing with new treatments. 
  • A nice warm welcome and a medical form to been filled out pier to first injection.
  • A clean and sanitises shop with fully sanitise hands, machinery and instruments. For me to wear a mask, apron and single use medical grade disposable gloves when needed to.

  • Personal privacy to get undressed and dressed if needed to.

  • To get you comfortably on the cosmetic bed or chair to start our treatment.

  • A quick cleanse using antibacterial wipes.

  • To proceed with the injection in to side of upper arm below the shoulder..

  • During the process you will feel a small scratch, followed by possible pin point bleeding. 
  • After the treatment is done a small plaster will be applied to the area. 
  • Once we have finished we can move to reception area and discuss aftercare, payment and your follow up appointment – if you wish to re-book.
  • You might experience a dull ache at the injections site for around 1 hour after your treatment.
  • Your skin could possible bruise. 
  • Eat a sugary snack and Drink plenty of water before and after your treatment.
  • Always plan your treatment around your lifestyle, if your a active person get your gym/work stuff done before your appointment or clients that want to relax after their treatment then plan for a time frame when your off etc..


Most frequent questions and answers

B12 Deficiency

Click the link above to find out more about deficiency.

Once you begin treating your vitamin B12 deficiency, it can take up to six to 12 months to fully recover. It is also common to not experience any improvement during the first few months of treatment.

Vitamin B12 injections are generally considered to be very safe. They have no major side effects. However, in very rare cases, some people can experience side effects caused by allergic reactions or sensitivity.

This is something you would noticed and get hold of me if unsure or straight to your G.P/Doctor.

It is no different it any other injection you have ever had in your arm before. 

However how it feels with vary from individual, I inject myself and don’t think the injection is painful however I do experience a achy arm afterwards. This is gone with in one to two hours.

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