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Nail Treat-ments

I offer a range of hand and nail treatments from a basic tidy up to a full manicure or pedicure with regular polish or gel. You also have the option of various add ons to make your treatment feel even more luxurious and to really target any concerns such as dry skin. I have a large range of colours which I keep refreshed regularly. If you are looking for a specific colour then I will do my best to accommodate.

I only use genuine, high quality products bought from official licenced trade suppliers. This ensures you receive best results with the quality and durability of your treatment. I use CND products which includes CND Vinylux Polish for a regular manicure/pedicure or CND Shellac Gel Polish for a gel manicure or pedicure. I also use a genuine CND UV lamp to cure gel polish as well as CND preparation and aftercare products. Using a complete system rather than mixing brands ensures the best quality treatment for you as the products are specifically designed to pair together. At the end of the treatment you will be able to select a moisturiser of your choice from my CND or Dermalogica range. 

You can choose from an express or complete treatment to suit your needs and price range, please see my description below for what each treatment includes.

NAil Treatment Menu

The Express, Enjoy the basic up keep express treatment which will include a nail file and shape, buffing of the nail followed by nourishing moisturisers and cuticle oil.
The Complete, Experiences a nail service which will include a nail file and shape, cuticle tidy and trimming, nail buffing and your choice of nourishing moisturiser and cuticle oil.


Express Manicure: CND Vinylux - Polish 35 minutes - £25
Express Manicure: CND Shellac - Gel 35 minutes - £25
Complete Manicure: CND Vinylux - Polish 45 minutes - £27
Complete Manicure: CND Shellac - Gel 45 minutes - £27

Pedicure Treat

Enjoy the extra treat with everything from nail care to a beaded foot scrub, steam towels and a foot and ankle massage topped with a nails colour of your choice.
CND Vinylux - Polish 60 minutes - £43
CND Shellac - Gel 60 minutes - £43


Express Pedicure: CND Vinylux - Polish 35 minutes - £26
Express Pedicure: CND Shellac - Gel 35 minuities - £26
Complete Pedicure: CND Vinylux - Polish 45 minutes - £29
Complete Pedicure: CND Shellac - Gel 45 minutes - £29


Additional services are treatments that can be added on to any manicure or pedicure.
French Tips - £5
Gel/Acrylic Extension Removal - £15
Gel Polish Removal - £10 - Polish applied by me will be removed for free and your following appointment.

07428 595979

For long lasting nails go for Shellac

  • If you are under the age of 16 you will need consent from a parent or legal guardian.
  • If you have a fungal or viral nail or skin infections.
  • If you have severe eczema, psoriasis or dermatitis, open wounds/cuts or abrasions. (Some of these are possible to be worked around)
  • Other viruses such as the flu, colds, warts.
  • Other bacterial infections such as impetigo, boils.
  • Other fungal infections such as ringworm, blepharitis.
  • Certain medication and heath problems.
  • Recent advance treatment’s like IPL or Laser on hands or feet. (depending on the nail treatment you are having done for example exfoliations)
  • Severe sunburn.
  • A nice warm welcome to a clean environment and a consultation form if you haven’t been with me before.
  • A friendly discussion to talk about the treatment, what your looking to get out of the treatment e.g colour of nails etc. and any health issues that I need to be made aware of.
  • To sit you down comfortably at either pedicure or manicure station.  
  • To start the treatment with hand or feet sanitising, including my own hands.
  • The use of your own personal file and nail buffer with all manicure and pedicure equipment/tools, clean and waiting.
  • The use of top quality nail products such as CND and Dermalogica.
  • Extra time to allow polish to dry using the nail dryer (if required)
  • Once we have finished we can move to reception area and discuss aftercare, payment and your follow up appointment – if you wish to re-book.

In Preparation for massage treatments, I suggest the following:

  • To insure hands or feet are hygienically clean for my Interaction.
  • Bring flip flops or open toe shoes that are easy to get on and off to avoid nail vanish being smudged.
  • Be aware of what activities you have planned for after the treatment to avoid nail vanish being smudged. 


Home Care

  • Avoid bumping or touching any wet nail vanish for a minimum of one hour. 
  • Wear gloves when washing up to avoid contact with harsh detergents, which may dehydrate the nails and skin.
  • Wear protective gloves when gardening or doing domestic chores to avoid accidental damage.
  • Avoid picking or biting your nails or cuticles as this can damage both cuticle and the natural nail.
  • Apply a nourishing cuticle oil (CND Solar Oil) twice a day, morning and night to avoid chipping and keep the nail bed and cuticles nourished. -The most important application is at night time.
  • Use a daily moisturiser with an SPF.
  • Avoid using fingernails for tools (for instance, to praise lids off tins).
  • Drink plenty of water and keep a healthy diet.
  • Have regular manicures and pedicures to maintain healthy nails.  
  • Your own personal file and nail buffer to be stored away and brought out for your use only every time you visit for a nail treatment, Once warn the nail equipment will be replaced with brand new. (This is so you will never have to share files or nail buffers with any other client)
  • Your Gel removal treatment will be completely free if you are having Shellac reapplied. (only if your previous Shellac was applied by me)
  • The chance to come back in completely free of charge to fix chipped nails. (if chipped within the first 3 days of a polish application and the first week of a shellac application)
  • Extra time to allow any polish to dry with nail dryer.
  • The use of only high quality products such as CND Shellac Gel, CND Vinylux Polish  CND Brisa nail lamp, CND Solar Oil and Dermalogica hand moisturising cream.
  • When your trying to paint your own nails at home I recommend you start with your bad hand (which is whatever hand you find more difficult to paint with) and do not switch over until that hand is completely done. This will make the process easier and hopefully quicker. 
  • If you are on a budget and cant afford a nourishing nail oil like (Solar Oil) then use a body moisturiser instead and work it in. This will help hydrate the nails especially if you have a polish or gel on top.


Most frequent questions and answers

SolarOil, is an award-winning cuticle oil from CND, that provides nails and cuticles with needed moisture. SolarOil is especially beneficial if you have drybrittle nails that are prone to breakage. SolarOil when applied regularly will hydrate your nails underneath the shellac and allow your shellac to last longer! 

It’s recommended to apply SolarOil twice a day, (morning & evening)

Three key ingredients: jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E. Jojoba oil and sweet almond oil are emollients that soften the nails and cuticles. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that promotes oil balance in the skin and improves blood flow through the nail and growth structures.

These are two different technician to provide the nail with a colour application. Here are what makes these treatment’s different.

  1. Application: Both techniques apply two coats as well as a base and top coat but gel nails are cured after each coat under a UV light wear regular polish doesn’t. Also gel nails our instantly dry after the treatment wear regular polish will be touch dry in 10 minute’s and fully dry in one hour.
  2. Duration: A gel manicure is super durable and long-lasting. Once applied your nails will stay flawless for 2-3 weeks without a need for a touch-up or a refill. However, this is not the case with your nail polish. Every nail polish needs to be re-applied every 5-7 days. Nail polish is also prone to chipping, and you should be very careful when working around the house. Gel nails are also chip-resistant + you can freely wash your dishes with them, swim, tan, and do any sporty activity. 
  3. Removal: Gel nails are removed by soaking the nails in acetone and can take up to 10-15 minutes to remove. Nail Polish can be removed in less then 5 minutes using a cotton pad and nail polish remover.

It’s recommended you come every two or three weeks to have your nails filled and properly maintained. This is because your nails grow out, there will be “blank space” at your cuticles. Some people might want to replace this blank space with a new colour or to remove the old and others might need cuticle care up keep and more. 

However, how often you come is completely down to your personal preference and lifestyle. Also your nails do not need a break in between appointment as long as they are healthy.

Please note that gels are recommended to be removed 2-3 weeks after application and this might be best done by me – a nail technician.

It’s smart to take a good multivitamin every day for overall good health; however, for special attention to nails, supplement your multivitamin with these 4 vitamins and minerals plus one manually application:

  1. Iron: Take a chelated supplement and/or eat plenty of green, leafy veggies, lean red meat and raw nuts.
  2. Zinc: If you have white spots in your nails, it’s a sign of zinc deficiency. Turkey, peanuts and pure dark chocolate are good sources of zinc.
  3. If your nails are dry and brittle, you may need more vitamin B12. try adding crab meat, eggs and cheese to your diet to increase your B12 intake or you can take B12 supplements.
  4. Biotin can also help with brittle nails.
  5. And don’t forget CND SolarOil, which contains jojoba oil, sweet almond oil and vitamin E, applied manually.

If unable to make a appointment back with me to remove your shellac/gel nails then here are step-by-step instructions for the best removal method:

  1. Roughen the nail surface with a coarse nail file.
  2. Soak the nails in acetone for 10-15 minutes. You can do this by immersing your nails in a shallow glass bowl of acetone or by soaking cotton balls (torn in half) in acetone, applying these to each individual nail and covering with foil for 10-15 minutes.
  3. Use an orange stick to gently scrape the softened gel off each nail.
  4. Use a buffer to smooth the surface of the nail.
It’s important you do not to sit and pick or pull off your shellac/gel nails manually as this will damage your natural nails.

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